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There has been a lot of changes going on since the summer and I wanted to update everyone here. First off, the school year has started and with the back to school rush, I participated in a short Facebook Live interview on this topic. You can find this video on my Facebook page, or on the media tab of my website.

There are some key dates coming up as well that I would like to make everyone aware of. On Wednesday October 10th, I will be presenting at the F.M. Kirby Center on coping skills for anxiety, depression and also providing an understanding of what therapy is. The link for this presentation can be found here:

On Thursday, October 11th, I can be found participating in the Madison Alliance Addressing Substance Abuse presentation on bullying. There will be two short movies on this critical topic followed by a panel with questions. I will be a panel member and look forward to many of you attending and asking questions. The link for this can be found here:

Both events are free to attend and registration is encouraged. I hope to see you there!

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