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You Saved My Son's Life

“Before we brought our son to Carmen he was withdrawn, depressed and anxious all the time. He was failing classes in school, isolating from peers and always worried. Carmen helped him to see that there was still hope and that things would get better. I don't want to think about where we would be without having found Carmen to help our son."

Made My Entire Family Feel at Ease

“Carmen was non-judgmental and made my entire family feel at ease. His approach to therapy was accepted by my son and he actually looked forward to seeing Carmen weekly.”

My Daughter Always Looks Forward to Carmen’s Sessions

“My daughter always looked forward to her next visit with Carmen so she could discuss with him her experiences and what she was doing to deal with her situation. In many ways Carmen helped me by supporting my efforts in getting her to work harder in school and become more organized. When occasionally she would have a negative experience at home, he would talk her through healthy ways to deal with it. Carmen has explained things to me that I am sure without his help I would have never been able to process.”

In My Darkest Time Carmen Literally Saved My Life

“When I was at the darkest time in my life, Carmen was there to help. He literally saved my life and I will forever be grateful.”

My Daughter Remarkably Overcame Her Struggles

“Carmen’s compassion and willingness to listen helped our daughter overcome struggles with her depression and self-esteem. We are forever grateful.” 

My Daughter’s Sessions Have Been Life Changing

“My daughter's sessions with Carmen have been truly life changing for her. It has allowed her to deal with stress in a more healthy way, cope with disappointments and setbacks, be more organized in her life, set goals and work hard to achieve them. Quite frankly, I feel any child would benefit from seeing Carmen. I cannot thank Carmen enough for the progress I have seen in my daughter's life.

My Son Has Made Great Strides

“From relaxation techniques to problem solving to group therapy with other young teenagers, my son has made great strides. He learned how to manage his stress and anxiety with the tools Carmen provided. I will be forever grateful to Carmen and for all he has done for my son and my family.”

My Gratitude is Priceless

“I will never be able to express my gratitude to Carmen for helping my son to find himself and understanding why he felt the way he did in the past.”

Thanks to Carmen We Have Our Son Back

“Thanks to Carmen’s help we have our son back! We are so glad to see him happy and smiling again. Thank you for helping with our son’s anxiety. It means the world to us that he no longer goes to school fearful.”

He Just Gets It

“Carmen understands my teen and understands my struggle as a parent. He knows how to help my teen explain what he needs and also helps my teen understand where I am coming from.” 

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